Demystify And Decipher Hidden Patterns That Keep You from the Success You Desire.

If you’re seeking to create more wealth and impact but keep bumping up against the same issues over and over that leave you feeling stuck or plateaued…

your Custom Higher Frequency of Success Blueprint™ is the gateway to uncovering the invisible barriers to the money, impact and freedom you desire.

Landing here is no coincidence.

You know you’re not here for ordinary.  Even though you’ve reached milestones of success, deep down you suspect you aren’t even close to what you’re here to do.

You seem to have limitless ambition, yet the gap between where you are and where you want to go feels out of reach.  You know there’s more for you, but using sheer willpower and adding more to your overpacked plate fills exhausting.

Let’s face it, you’re likely unclear how to get where you want to go, which is why you’ve landed here in the first place.

Let’s figure it out together!

This is for you if:

  •  You always feel like you’re striving to reach your next goal but when you actually reach it, you’re immediately onto the next big thing.
  • You struggle with the idea of generating more wealth with ease.  Even though you love the idea, you’re pushing hard day after day.
  • You know how to grow a successful business, but it still feels like something’s missing.  Almost an invisible piece you can’t put your finger on, because inside you don’t FEEL complete.
  • Despite all your effort, your income has plateaued.  You’re treading water rather than a vastness of new opportunities at your feet.
  • You’re tethered to your computer and phone because everything feels urgent and must be dealt with yesterday.

These patterns are causing you to work harder! And in your way of reaching your goals. 

This is why I created a first of it’s kind quantifiable energetic assessment and personal analysis uniquely designed to demystify and decipher the hidden patterns that halt you from the wealth, impact and freedom you desire.

A 15+ page personalized guide that decodes what’s holding you and your business from skyrocketing growth.  And, critical action steps to take for results.

We will come together for an hour consultation over Zoom to dive deep into your unique blueprint that identifies where to focus to create results.

Investment:  $625  ($1250 value)


“Within hours, Tracy unlocked hidden success and vision within me that weren’t even on my radar."

I felt like I’d been searching for years for the answers, and poof, just like that there they were. I read business and personal development books, meditated religiously and did energy healing. And, NONE of this unlocked the answers I was seeking until working with Tracy.  After our initial call my world started to expand.  I had a huge leap forward in my income, my speaking brought in 20x the amount of leads and the future direction to scale my business materialized.  But the work we did together was more than a moment of illumination, it is the catalyst that upleveled my work, the powerful results my clients are experiencing and the increased revenue in my business.

My leadership and authority has grown 10x.  I’m no longer spending time on misaligned strategies, tethered to my computer or following misaligned strategies, because I no longer play the back and forth game in my mind wondering if it’s going to produce the results! 

The crazy part is I had no idea how I was actually sabotaging my own growth and it was causing me to work ten times harder than I do now.  Now, bigger opportunities seem to just materialize and I’m having more fun than I can remember. Her work is pure magic, I recommend her to everyone in my network who’s ready for giant leaps forward in their life and business, without adding more to your plate.

…Kathryn T., Entrepreneur + Marketer



Meet Tracy

The secret weapon to entrepreneurs, CEO’s and leaders who reach unprecedented growth in business and within themselves.

With over 25 years advising Fortune 100 executives and building my brand strategy and marketing agency serving the world’s leading brands to muli millions before exiting, I’ve walked the path of founder and CEO.

I lean on this experience alongside a new realm of personal optimization that goes beyond endless self-improvement to surge leaders, their mission and company forward. 


Beyond Expansion™

When you work with me as a private client, you will go beyond actualizing short term goals – you’ll unleash your biggest, boldest self and business.

Many people desire a bit more growth or a bit more confidence. My approach is for those wanting to think and act bigger than ever before. To create more ease in working and living. For those who know they are called to step into bigger levels of wealth and impact, who are ready to leap forward.

It’s fine tuning into leadership and legacies. It’s swift scaling of businesses to 200%-300% growth.  It’s realizing the audacious vision that wasn’t accessible or out of reach.

Goals once distant are attained, and the landscape of success and possibilities are redefined in wealth, business and self.

“Results were instant and effortless."

As the founder and business leader for over 20 years, I’m no stranger to success.  But, I knew there was more I was here to do.  I’ve worked with coaches, taken leadership programs as well as worked with healers – yet working with Tracy was like finding the solution you’ve been searching for decades. 

Each week a brand new door opened. I unlocked the plan for my new business that I’d been struggling to define for several years.  Higher levels of success and wealth became available to me, I stopped worrying and stressing about my business, and I forged an entirely new revenue stream in my current business that generated passive income that I hadn’t even considered.  I experienced significant growth in all areas of my life – from business to home and relationships – which happened rapidly and effortlessly.  I love my life more than I ever thought possible and it’s still expanding!

…Jill H., Chief Innovation Officer