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Tracy is known for her lightning-speed transformations that catapult leaders into their biggest, boldest selves.


Here are a few of their stories.

“My entire world expanded into places I never imagined possible."

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on experts, healers and coaches which left me feeling great for a short time, but not reaching the place where I actually was unstoppable.  One hour with Tracy is equal to months of work with someone else.  Shifts take place instantly, and you emerge with the old stories, patterns and beliefs behind you – for good!  I’ve tripled my income, my writing career has skyrocketed, and investors, directors and creatives for my film fell into place.  Which I had spent years trying to make happen, with no success.

But, it’s much more than business and money results.  Everything from my relationships, how I think about myself to how I show up in the world – has expanded.  To say that I am the happiest I’ve ever been isn’t accurate – I’m blissful.  No work we did together was ever the same, each week more and more melted away and new doors were opened.  Her inner knowing is uncanny.  She has a gift to know exactly what you need, even when you aren’t yet in touch with it yourself.  It’s alchemy, it’s potent and it elevates every single aspect of you and your life.  It’s not just transformational, it’s life defining.

…Michelle V, Writer + Entrepreneur

"Simply out of this world - literally."

As someone with a full toolbox of my own self coaching tools, I have the experience to spot what so many in the coaching and personal development space focus on.  But, working with Tracy is on another level.  Not only were these hidden layers blocking my business and relationships success – they were holding me back from the life I knew I was meant for.  And, they just weren’t visible to me.  Tracy managed to pinpoint, dissolve, and unlock areas of my life and business that I’ve been working on and through for years (instantly!). 

She’s illuminated new talents, gifts and skills that I’d been trying to cultivate on my own and wasn’t getting traction.  It’s expanded how I work with my clients as well as the results they are experiencing.  My business has grown 5 fold – from my revenue to my leadership and vision that I held.  My confidence is soaring, my personal life and relationships have skyrocketed.  And, my inner connection is on an entirely new plane.  She is literally my secret weapon.

…Tara M., Coach + Entrepreneur

“My life has completely changed."

When I met Tracy my business had plateaued. And, I had invested money and time on mindset, energy work and plant medicine ceremonies – all which felt great for a short period of time, but the effects didn’t last. I wasn’t living my fullest potential, my business wasn’t where I wanted it to be and I didn’t want to spend another 5 years inching forward trying to figure all this out on my own or piecing together a plan with various experts and coaches.  So, I chose to work with Tracy because she is the entire package and more.  To say my entire world has changed working with Tracy, is an understatement.

My confidence has tripled, my business has expanded and I’ve birthed an even bigger vision for my company – the one that I wouldn’t have believed possible before working together.  I’ve unleashed dormant talents that I had been trying to cultivate on my own for years.  And, I let go of decades of trauma, beliefs and patterns that have given me freedom and an unshakeable inner peace that I didn’t know possible.  This isn’t coaching where you talk about the same topics over and over to try to change your thoughts.  This isn’t high level mentoring where the actual work falls on you.  It’s the space where you unravel and expand simultaneously and rapidly.  None of the previous work I had done in the past compares to my game changing growth I experienced with Tracy.

…Maria R., CEO

“Within hours, Tracy unlocked hidden talents and vision within me that weren’t even on my radar."

I felt like I’d been searching for years for the answers, and poof, just like that there they were. I read books, meditated religiously and did energy healing. And, NONE of this unlocked my genius within until working with Tracy.  After our initial call my world started to expand.  I had a huge leap forward in my business, my connection with my husband improved and my true genius started to come online. But the work we did together was more than a moment of illumination, it is the catalyst that upleveled my work, the results my clients are experiencing and what I’m offering in my business.

My leadership and authority has grown 10x and the big vision of what I’m here to do has emerged.  I’m no longer spending time or effort on tons of mainstream strategy, because my business is booming but most importantly, I don’t waste any more time doing what doesn’t feel right to me.  New opportunities seem to just materialize and I’m having more fun than I have since I can remember. Her work is pure magic, I recommend her to everyone in my network who’s ready to go beyond strategy for leaps forward.

…Kathryn T., Entrepreneur + Marketer


“This was the best investment I’ve ever made, and I’ve invested millions."

My 25 year career was on track, in traditional terms.  I’d achieved the titles, the awards, the recognition. But, no matter the goals I accomplished, I was fueled by the desire that there’s more for me.  I wanted to become a better leader, better innovator for myself and my team.  I explored plant medicine, meditation and read countless books – but nothing was really changing within myself or in the bottom line. Since working with Tracy, my mental and emotional game went from a 10 to 100.  I am connected with my team on a completely different level, they are innovating and inspired –  and the results show it.   

But, it’s my personal growth that I didn’t see coming.  Her work is hard to put into words because she’s part shaman, part Wendy Rhodes from Billions, part visionary and business guru.  The profound shifts from our work have impacted every single part of my life.  My marriage, my friendships to the relationship with my family has deepened immensely.  Work no longer consumes me which has freed me to live with a brand meaning everyday.  I’m more present, I think more clearly, I’m more innovative which is opened up a new paths forward in business and wealth.  It was a mind, body and spirit shift on steroids!

…Joe R., Executive + Investor

“Growth was instant and effortless."

As the Founder of a multimillion dollar business, my professional life was thriving.  But, I still felt like there was more I was here for and do.  I’d worked with coaches, taken programs as well as with healers – yet nothing addressed the full interconnectedness of all of me and the growth was slow and surface level.

My work with Tracy was like finding the solution you’ve been searching for decades for.  Each week a brand new door opened. I unlocked dormant gifts and spiritual talents.  The vision for my new business that I’d been struggling to define for several years, became crystal clear.  Higher levels of success became available to me and I forged an entirely new path forward for my life.  I experienced significant growth in all areas of my life – from business to home and relationships – which happened rapidly and effortlessly.  I love my life more than I ever thought possible and it’s still expanding!

…Jill H., Chief Innovation Officer

“I never thought life could be this good."

I had reached traditional success – the career, the money, the partner.  I was leading huge teams, sitting at the executive table and on the outside everything looked good.  But inside I was exhausted, anxious and trapped.  I wasted years with coaches and programs focusing on the past, replaying the same advice over and over.  What I really needed was to find myself, what I wanted and to regain my joy.  And, I didn’t have years to spend in therapy or inch along with one off experts to figure this out.

From where I started to the version I am now should not be possible in this amount of time! In fact, change began immediately and instantly. I came out on the other side of this work as my most authentic, confident me that took my life by storm.  I accessed parts of myself I never new existed.  I created a new business that I love and has me inspired to share in the world.  There’s a new joy and playfulness with my partner – and I even look younger!  And, how I view myself  is the most impactful.  I got rid of baggage that had been around with me for over 30 years – and had kept me from soaring.  To say it was life changing doesn’t do it justice.

…Kristen F., Finance Executive

"A business, personal and relationship transformation."

As a business owner I worked and worked and worked some more.  I believed that all the effort I was putting in would lead me to achieving what I wanted and I would be fulfilled.  But, with each level of success I achieved, I felt the same – exhausted, overwhelmed and resentful of the personal sacrifices I had to make.  I came to Tracy wanting a business boost and left transformed. 

Working with Tracy quickly became my favorite hour of the week.  Her ability to know exactly what was going on with me with crystal clear accuracy, to articulate the layers of truth with the exact solutions was profound.  I could never have arrived at this freedom on my own.  And, I would have never imagined after only a few months I could be this elevated version of myself.  My family and personal  relationships have a connection that I’d been missing for years. I’ve become even closer with my husband and our future is dreamy! I am full steam ahead on my new business venture with light years more confidence and leadership.  So many of the goals I dreamed about, personal and business, became a reality.  I’m the happiest, most settled, most peaceful person I’ve ever been.  I am truly blown away!  Working with Tracy was a true gift that has not only shifted my now, but defined the years to come. 

…Michelle L., Entrepreneur

"Living with newfound freedom and peace."

Working with Tracy has catapulted my business, spiritual and emotional growth 10x than all the other approaches I had tried combined.  It’s transformed how I relate to others, it’s been incredibly powerful at work and within my personal circles.  My family dynamic has finally shifted after decades of challenges that caused me alot of stress and pain.  And, she dissolved the parts within myself that had been keeping me from thriving, expanding and having the life and business I wanted.  Tracy gets to the core of your issue within minutes and shifts it instantly and permanently changing how you see yourself and the possibilities around you.  If you don’t believe in alchemy, you will after working with Tracy.

…Aya P., Entrepreneur

"Rapid comprehensive upgrade in my world."

When I started to work with Tracy I was going through a big transition.  I was stressed, anxious and unclear on how to move forward.  To help, I did yoga, meditation and therapy, which would give me temporary relief but I’d quickly fall back into old patterns after a few days.  Nothing I did was creating real changes that I desired.  It was affecting me, my kids and my business.

From our first meeting together, I had a profound change right away.  She elevated parts of myself that I had no idea I needed or knew was creating the distress I was feeling.  It happened so rapidly, the analytical side of me questioned if it was possible!  Through our work together my relationships with my kids have dramatically improved and it’s elevated their confidence and potential.  It was a generational shift!  I’m seeing clearer than ever before, and I have a new found peace and clarity about my future.  And, because of this new business opportunities and success shown up in my world.  It’s a comprehensive upgrade of how I see the world, how I show up for it, and how I see myself – it’s a soul change! 

…Nicole M., Founder + Attorney

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