What is beyond the edge of success?

Ascend into boundary-less potential.

Landing here is no coincidence.

You’re a boundary-pushing founder, entrepreneur or leader who’s called to live your boldest, biggest self and amplify that through your unique contributions in the world.  

The path to an extraordinary life and business begins with the hunger to discover your most luminous, expressed self and reside in your infinite potential.   

You have explored coaching, healing, and read countless personal development books. With each experience, you felt unstoppable for a short time, but it didn’t last. You know you’re called for a bigger, bolder business and wildly fulfilling life and but the path to that reality is unclear and uncertain. There is still more to uncover – like you’ve only scratched the surface.


Step into Infinite Potential

Imagine soaring beyond what you believe is possible without spending more time and effort in personal development modalities or strategy hoping something sticks.  Or feeling like you have to sacrifice what matters to you most to have the life and business that’s prosperous and fuels you.

Enter into Beyond Expansion™

Realizing the impossible is possible when you embark on the Beyond Expansion™ journey. Uncertainty becomes clarity.  Fear becomes belief.  Status quo becomes courageous certainty.  Goals become audacious vision.

I draw on a tapestry of decades of hard hitting business building experience, years of study in neuroscience to shamanism, human potential to energy psychology, and human psyche to consciousness to unlock untapped layers of potential, prosperity and purpose in your business – and yourself.

My clients reflect how rapid and out of this world their transformations are to unveil what’s possible:

“Simply out of this world – literally."

“My business has grown 5 fold – from my revenue to my leadership and the vision for that I hold.  My confidence is soaring, my personal life and relationships have skyrocketed. Tracy managed to pinpoint and unlock areas in my life that I have been working on and through for years (instantly). She is literally my secret weapon!”
…Tara M., Entrepreneur

“My growth was instant and effortless."

“Working with Tracy was like finding the solution you’ve been searching for decades.  As a business leader and change consultant for decades, I’ve achieved many milestones.  But, each week a brand new door opened for me – higher levels of success, dormant brilliance emerged, business expansion, better relationships and a path forward in my life that I’d been seeking to define for years.  I love my life more than I ever thought possible – and it’s still expanding!”
…Jill H., Chief Innovation Officer

"Within hours, Tracy unlocked hidden talents and innovation within me that weren’t even on my radar."

“I’d felt like I’d been searching for years for the answers, and poof, just like that there they were. I read books, did energy healing and religiously meditated. And, NONE of this unlocked my genius within until working with Tracy.  My business has expanded 10x, new opportunities, revenue – and who I am as a leader.  Her work is pure magic and I refer her to anyone who’s looking to be bold, brave and reap the results.”
…Kathryn T., Entrepreneur

“I never thought life could be this good!"

“I tried coaches, programs and following what the “experts” tell you to do – but my growth was slow and spent my time managing my mindset.  Until my work with Tracy.  I came out on the other side with a radical new perspective of my value, utter conviction in my superpowers and a brand new business approach that I’d been searching to define.  As an executive, I’m no stranger to success yet, what’s possible for me now has skyrocketed beyond what I imagined.  My relationship with my partner went to depths we’ve never reached, I have increased my productivity and results with less struggle, and I’m living with freedom that is frankly life altering.”
…Kristen F, Finance Executive 

“A business and personal transformation!"

“I came to Tracy wanting a business boost and I left transformed.  I would never imagined what was standing in my way of the business and life I truly desired.  My family and personal relationships are soaring and I’m full steam ahead on the next phase of my business that is thriving!  I no longer working non stop and I’ve increased my revenue. I’m the happiest, most settled, peaceful person I’ve ever been, I am truly blown away!”
…Michelle L., Entrepreneur

Limitless expansion

If you’re seeking to activate your infinite potential, it’s necessary to elevate all of you.

Beyond Expansion™ journey is:

  • Rapid, sustainable personal expansion and business victories
  • A catalyst for unparalleled significance, success and soul truths
  • Blazing trails forward in prosperity and perspective
  • An conduit to recalibrate and redefine your next decades

This journey is unlike any others.  It’s a highly curated, holistic approach to attaining infinite potential in your business and within yourself.

If you’re ready to…

Ascend beyond upper limits

For my clients, it’s alchemizing hidden blindspots and uncovering the grandest vision that wasn’t accessible or clear.  It’s calibrating into other worldly growth and potency.  It’s freedom from your inner saboteur to think and act bolder than ever before.  It’s elevating into unimaginable heights of success with flow and deep satisfaction.  And it’s the search for this that’s left them unclear and unfulfilled even though they’ve created success on the outside.

Through this journey, you’ll discover the significance, soul truths and success that weren’t even in your peripheral. It’s why I’m known for my non-surface approach to get you accelerated expansion – to become a reality.

I’m not a spiritual guru or teacher of tactics. I’m a conduit for life defining personal transformation and business growth.

My genius is seeing deep underneath your layers to eliminate hidden barriers and bring forth your dormant genius and success.  My clients have called me a ‘Business Shaman’, ‘Architect for Your Future’ and a ‘Human Potential Whisperer’ as I guide them to reveal the clarity they’ve been seeking and uncharted business growth with deep personal fulfillment.

Lasting growth calls to our entire ecosystem…

Beyond Expansion™ redefines what’s possible.

When you embark on the Beyond Expansion™ journey, you’ll:
  • Rapidly elevate emotional, energetic and mental states for unprecedented freedom and fulfillment. 
  • Harness dormant power and potency rather than heavily relying on tactics to reach your audacious vision.
  • Discover untapped business innovation and new paths forward for phenomenal success.
  • Elevate your authority and leadership to meet your boldest, highest vision.
  • Radically live your life and play by your rule book for unrivaled joy and freedom.
  • Amplify your prosperity without resorting to the patterns of pure effort and tenacity.
  • Unleash dormant brilliance and genius to turbocharge growth in all areas of your life.


  • Unlock boundless connection and clarity within yourself igniting new meaning in your relationships and with those around you.
  • Accelerate business momentum and success with more ease and flow.
  • Create more impact and wealth through your unique contribution in the world.

Imagine unlocking your boundless fulfillment, freedom and flow that you’ve been seeking for years, maybe even decades?

Are you ready to soar past the layers between you and human limitation…

Lasting growth calls to our entire ecosystem…

Unsure if Beyond Expansion™ is a fit for you, here’s why you shouldn’t apply:

  • You’re not ‘ready’ or ‘open to’ accelerated success and growth. You’d rather take small, incremental steps forward. This work isn’t surface level, it unlocks life defining self-growth, giant leaps forward in business and all spheres of life.
  • You desire to follow a framework or step by step process to soar forward. This work is highly personalized and bespoke for each unique person. It’s sustainable shifts that often take years with business and personal coaching.
  • You’re new to inner work. This is for those that desire rapid, sustainable growth within themselves, in business and in life.
  • You’re expecting traditional ‘talk’ style coaching.  Instead Beyond Expansion™ is experiential where the exact emotional, mental, energetic shifts take place to unlock heightened performance and momentum for business growth.

Ready to soar beyond your plateaus and become a higher frequency of success? Apply to work 1:1.